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There are those that consider a chainsaw as just another tool to have in the shed. Many people only have one because they need it for a few times but don’t use it very often.

They probably only use this tool to trim a few branches or trees in the garden, or perhaps it is only kept in order to have something to clean the garden after a storm. Regardless of the uses, many people didn’t give much attention to the chainsaw that they are buying.

Some of them end up with a chainsaw that is too small or does not have enough power to perform heavy yard work. To help you get the best professional chainsaw that suits your needs, we’ve came up with a few considerations to make prior to purchasing one.

Also, we’ve lined up your top choices in the market to help you narrow down your choices.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Professional Chainsaw

The chainsaw industry is gaining a lot of popularity because of the demand for this equipment. It is no longer hard to think that every garden or yard has one.

To help you find the best professional chainsaw that suits your needs, we made a list of considerations that you should bear in mind every time you go shopping for this product. They are as follows:

1. Chainsaw Weight

wearing protective gloves holding chainsaw

The first consideration that you have to make whenever making a purchase for a professional chainsaw is its weight. If you’re looking for a professional chainsaw that has more power and a longer bar length then you should expect a heavier unit.

Of course you don’t want to deal with a heavy chainsaw and just bear with its weight since it packs the power. But remember that you’ll be carrying the equipment when using it and you’ll be doing so for extended periods of time. If you’re dealing with a heavy load, that can be quite daunting for you.

So before you cash in on the chainsaw, make sure that you can manage to deal with its weight.

2. Power

The next thing that you want to consider on your ideal professional chainsaw is its power. When it comes to cutting power, many professionals rely on the battery-powered as well as gas-powered types of chainsaws much more than the electric type of chainsaws.

As you consider these two types, you may want to consider their sizes since they come with tanks and battery packs which can be quite bulky and heavy.

A good advantage of these two types of chainsaws is that it features mobility which enables to operator to move freely at different angles during operation.

3. Engine

using chainsaw gloves

As soon as you’ve checked the power and the weight of your ideal professional chainsaw, you may also want to check its engine. One thing that you should check on your engine is that it should have enough cc for greater cutting power.

Also, you may want to check the engine of its maintenance. Some chainsaw engines require a more diligent maintenance while there are also those that are maintenance-free. Depending on the task where you’ll use your chainsaw, you should always refer to its engine if it has the capability to do so.

Lastly, you should remember that longer bars require more power. Thus it is important that your engine can deliver as much power as needed.

4. Bar Length

chainsaw gloves

After checking the engine of your chainsaw, you should also make sure that the bar length matches the engine. Bar lengths are interchangeable. However, there are those engines that are limited to certain lengths of bar.

When choosing the ideal bar length for your chainsaw, you may want to consider the thickness of the wood that you are looking to cut. Longer bar length simply means a thicker wood to be cut and vice-versa.

5. Anti-Vibration Features

using chainsaw

Lastly, if you’re looking for a professional chainsaw, you should also check for its anti-vibration features. Cutting with a heavy chainsaw can be quite daunting – keeping up with its vibration makes things even worse. The last thing you want is to have a chainsaw with strong vibrations.

Many chainsaw users forget to have anti-vibration features with their unit and end up with hand-arm vibration syndrome that enables the limbs to constantly feel like they’re vibrating. This problem can cause you to feel discomfort which can last a few hours after using the chainsaw.

So, for your safety and comfort, make sure your chainsaw has a reliable anti-vibration feature.

Top 5 Professional Chainsaws To Choose From

There is a wide array of professional chainsaws in the market today. Each of these has their specific features, advantages as well as disadvantages. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve laid out the top 5 options that you could consider depending on your requirements.

1. Remington RM5118R Gas Chainsaw

Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Another option to look at if you’re a fan of gas-powered professional chainsaws is the Remington Rodeo Gas-powered Chainsaw. This product comes with a 51cc powered by 2-cycle engine that also features an 18 inch guide bar that makes bigger and more power cuts than the previously mentioned options.

It also has a quick start system from its Smart Start Technology feature that lets you right into cutting with just a simple push of a button. Also, a huge advantage of this product from its competitors is that it is designed with a durable die-cast casing which ensures that the engine is protected and that the equipment could last a long term of use.

It has a 2-step automatic-choke setting which sets up the choke position as well as the throttle to optimum idle for quicker warm-up whenever using the equipment. It also comes with an auto oiler that relieves you the task of constantly lubricating the chain for efficiency and maintenance.

Additionally, this product also comes with a front and rear anti-vib grips which provides comfort when cutting.


  • Durable chassis for longer life and engine protection
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for the regular types of cutting
  • Reduced vibration for comfort


  • The filter requires constant maintenance
  • Constant sharpening of the chain may be required

2. WORX WG 304.1 Electric Chainsaw

Worx WG304.1 15 Amp 18' Electric Chainsaw

If you’re more into the electric-type of professional chainsaws then you can also consider the WORX WG 304.1 Electric Chainsaw. Unlike the gas-powered as well as the batter-powered chainsaw, this electric chainsaw from WORX is much lighter thus providing better mobility as well as reach.

Despite its size, it packs a punch of 4 HP power with 15 amp motor which is ideal for the easy to the difficult type of cutting jobs. It is designed with an auto-chain lubrication feature that has an oil level indicator to let you know of just how much oil you have in the tank before refilling.

The auto-oil feature also lets you worry less about oiling the chain since it does the job on its own. This equipment is ideal for cutting or trimming wood with as much as 16 inches in diameter.

This equipment is also designed with safety in mind. It comes with an auto-stop chain brake which secures you from injuries when using the equipment. It also features a low-kickback bar that lessens the chances of recoils when using the chainsaw.


  • Durable construction material
  • Powerful motor
  • Can handle small to bigger cutting jobs of up to 16 inches diameters
  • Reduced vibration for comfort
  • Well-balanced


  • It May require regular sharpening of the chain
  • Needs to clean the filter regularly

3. Makita UC4051A

Makita-UC4051A Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar - Sliver

Another excellent chainsaw to consider when you’re into electric-type of chainsaws is the Makita UC4051A. Just like the previous option of electric-type chainsaw, this also has pretty much the same features however is offered at a much friendlier price.

It comes with a 15 amp motor along with a 16 inch guide bar which also makes it an ideal chainsaw to use for small to big cutting jobs within the yard. While it is excellent for any cutting jobs, it is also easy to carry around with its light weight allowing better mobility and better reach.

This product is designed as well with a soft-start as well as a large-trigger button for faster and easier manageability when using the equipment. It also comes with a few added features such as the current limiter which allows you to determine current levels for your motor to avoid burning out when being overloaded.

As well, you can check oil levels through the viewing window and can have better grip on the rubberized ergonomic handle.


  • Excellent quality for an electric-type chainsaw
  • Quiet performance
  • Powerful motor that is ideal for any cutting jobs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduced kick-backs
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance


  • Dripping oil filter after constant use
  • The cord can get in the way when cutting
  • Limited reach because it needs to be plugged into an outlet

4. Husqvarna 450

Husqvarna 967166101 450 2-Cycle Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw, 50cc, 20-Inch

One of the most popular breeds of professional chainsaw today is the Husqvarna 450. Bearing a brand name that has been providing excellent and top quality chainsaws for more than 5 decades, this product is easy to notice in the market because of its demand and its huge numbers.

This choice of chainsaw is the ideal all-in-one classic chainsaw that delivers enough power for any kind of wood cutting and is well-balanced to provide comfort and convenience for its users. Powered by 3.2 HP that comes along with 2-cycle XTorque engine, this product has lesser levels of emissions for environment safety.

It also comes with an air injection mechanism that relieves the carburetor of any dust or debris when using the chainsaw – this directly converts to lesser maintenance and longer engine life.

Just like the modern professional chainsaws today, this product is also designed with a Smart Start Technology system which allows for easy starts every time. It also has an auto-return switch along with a side chain tensioning, a transparent fuel container and an ergonomic handle for easy and secure grip.


  • Comes from a brand name that delivers high-quality products thus proven reliable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and excellent for light cutting jobs
  • Amazing torque power


  • A bit more expensive than others with the same size and bar length
  • Not recommended for heavy cutting jobs

5. Echo CS-310 Chain Saw

Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC

Another option to look at when looking for a professional chainsaw in the market is the Echo CS-310 chain saw. This is a favorite chainsaw among users because it is easy to manage which makes it also ideal for beginners. It is lightweight and it comes with 30.55cc of professional-grade 2-stroke engine.

With this lightweight and small size, it is a perfect tool to use in cutting or trimming trees, cutting logs, felling small-sized trees, and regular cutting of woods that have as much as 12” of diameter. This can also be an ideal tool to use when clearing the yard of debris after a storm or just for the regular yard maintenance.

Just like the previous option, this product also has a Smart Start Technology which allows you to start the equipment with just a push of button and get right into cutting. It also comes with a side-chain tensioner for those easy adjustments when using the chainsaw.

It is designed with an automatic clutch oiler which delivers fuel efficiency as well as reduces the strain on the chain.


  • Smart Start Technology for Easy starts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Best for small cutting jobs
  • Reduced-noise operation
  • Fewer emissions
  • With chain cover


  • Not the ideal choice for cutting wood with more than a 12” diameter
  • Complaints about oil leaks

Our Final Thoughts

Professional chainsaws are certainly hard to find. However, with the considerations as well as these choices pointed out, you will have no more trouble finding one that suits your needs.

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the Remington RM5118R Gas Chainsaw as it provides many positive features which others do not have such as a durable chassis, and an extra-powerful engine that requires less maintenance, portability, and at the same time, a manageable weight despite its bulky size.

What do you think of our top 5 list of professional chainsaws? Do you have better suggestions, comments, or questions? Do let us know. We have a comment box located below for your messages.

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