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One of the many challenging decisions to make with regards to accentuating as well as making your home feel more comfortable is installing a hot tub. A hot tub, despite its expensive price, provides many benefits.

To make sure you take care of this investment, you need to ensure that your hot tub is always maintained and is equipped with the best hot tub covers. So what are your options for hot tub covers and how to choose one that best suits your needs?

To answer that, we’ve come up with a few considerations to make when purchasing your ideal hot tub cover. In addition, we’ve already done the research and looked for the top 5 hot tub covers today to narrow down your choices.

Things To Consider When Buying A Hot Tub Cover

A good way to seal the heat within the tub is through the hot tub cover. It is also an important accessory to making sure that your tub is free of any dirt or debris that may fall into the tub. Of course it also serves as a safety layer for kids, which is why it is something that you surely should have.

But before you actually go cashing in on that purchase, you need to make sure you consider these few factors to ensure that you’re looking at an ideal choice that suits your requirements.

1. Match Your Specific Climate

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One thing that you certainly should consider when buying a hot tub cover is its ability to withstand specific climates. When we say it should be able to withstand climates, it should not show any signs of wear and tear that easily.

If perhaps you’re living in an area where it’s mostly cold and rainy, you will need to find one that can withstand that specific weather condition. If you’re experiencing the complete 4 seasons within a year, you should opt for those that can withstand the changing climates.

2. Vapor Barrier Quality

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Another thing to consider is the vapor barrier of your potential hot tub cover. For those who do not know, the vapor barrier is a portion of the cover which is in charge of coating the foam cores and making sure that water does not permeate through the primary insulation.

Many modern types of foam today are water resistant but it is always better to make sure that the foam is free of moisture. Thus to make sure your foam is free of moisture, you can also invest in covers that are equipped with a good number of vapor barriers. This will ensure that your cover lasts a long time of use.

3. Foam Core Thickness And Density

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Your ideal foam core should be something that is made out of durable material in order to ensure the life of your hot tub cover.

If a hot tub cover is cheap, there is a great chance that it is made out of recycled materials. Recycled materials could deteriorate at a faster rate as compared to the new polystyrene foam found on the more expensive covers.

4. Vinyl Quality

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Almost all hot tub covers today are manufactured from vinyl material. This has become a popular choice of material because of its tested durability and sturdiness that ensure a good life span for your hot tub cover.

You should also be careful as these vinyl materials are made with thinner concentrations. Some others may be impure and some can also be too thin if used as the cover for outdoor purposes. So make sure that your vinyl quality is good and thick enough for your requirements.

5. Dimensions And Shape

Of course, if you’re looking for a cover for your hot tub you need to make sure it fits its specific size and shape. The last thing you want is to purchase the wrong size or shape of cover for your hot tub and end up spending money for nothing.

Before you shop around, take the measurements of your hot tub. If its shaped circle, you can take its diameter or radius and its height. The same goes for shapes with a varying numbers of sides. Make sure you have the dimensions ready so you can just narrow down your choices according to your measured size and dimensions.

6. Price Vs Your Allotted Budget

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Of course, when trying to buy anything, you should consider its price and your budget. Make sure to set your focus only on those that are close to your allotted budget.

There will also be times wherein you’ll be spending more for better quality. However, you need to make sure you are investing more for its features, not for its aesthetics alone.

Top 5 List Of Hot Tub Covers

Whether you are just trying to find a replacement for your old hot tub cover or you’re just too excited to find a cover for your new hot tub, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top 5 choices of hot tub covers that are available in the market today.

1. BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover

BeyondNice Ultra Hot Tub Cover, Custom Made 6' Thick Maximum Insulating Replacement Spa Cover - World's Only Design Your Own Ordering Wizard Insures every cover is made perfectly for every customer!

Another option that you can look at is the hot tub cover from BeyondNice. Just like its brand name, this cover is beyond nice since it is packed with a number of better features than most covers that are found in the market today.

Some of the features include foam core which takes care of tapering from 6” from the middle of the tub to 4” to the edges, a Steam stopper that seals heat within the tub, 4 locking ties below the straps, and many other features.

This product is designed for any size with 96” for width, diameter, and length. It is manufactured with the highest quality of EPS foam core and is made available to the public after passing ASTM F1346 – 91(2012) Standards.

It is manufactured under a name that has been producing top-quality spa/tub coves for over 3 decades.


  • Manufactured from the highest quality of materials for covers
  • Designed with optimum water resistant fabric
  • Designed with air vents
  • With elastic hem for snug fitting


  • Easily gets dirty and requires constant maintenance
  • Gathers water if not fit snugly into the frame

2. ABC Spa Cover


The ABC Spa Cover is likewise an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cover solution for 4-sided spas and tubs. It comes with a roller that is very easy to install to make spa or hot tub cover removal doable within just a few seconds.

Its rollers that are installed on both arms can be snapped on your cover for easy pulling or sliding of your cover and can be controlled by switching the lifter on or off. This product’s lifter is a lot smaller than most with only half of the total width of your spa or hot tub It has secure lifter arms that you can even turn your cover into a table top while lying on the tub or spa. When not in use, the cover can be folded snugly and neatly over the side arms.

This product is made with durable waterproof materials and has been tried and proven resistant to all kinds of environments and climates. Compared to others, this product is expected to last twice as much as that modern hot tub covers today.


  • Friendly-priced
  • Optimum durability which makes it last longer than another hot tub/spa covers
  • No need to pre-install or assemble


  • Roller arms cannot handle heavy weights and require customized support
  • Needs constant maintenance

3. Cover Valet NP509

This next cover is ideal for both hot tubs and spas. The Valet NP509 is an excellent choice of cover because it comes with a unique design and a range of variety that no other brands have.

This product comes with a premium cover lifter which enables you to install the cover over spas or hot tubs of any size and shape whether it be round, square, octagonal, or others. It comes with a dynamic gas spring to make lifting and lowering easy and convenient.

It has a simple install feature using the under-mount base and is not installed using screws – so you won’t have to worry about getting your hot tub or spa getting any scratches or damage.

To take advantage of a full set up with this product, you need to have a 36 inches clearance depending on the height of your tub or spa for the product to work effectively. The best part is that this product comes with 5 years of warranty.


  • Easy cover removal with the gas string feature
  • It comes with additional spacers for extra space
  • Good coverage – covers all sides of the tub


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t fit bigger kinds of tubs

4. Cover Valet 250

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor hot tub cover then the Cover Valet 250 could just be your best option. The Cover Valet is an excellent choice for the outdoor environment because it has optimum durability to withstand external factors such as heavy winds, rains, snow, and the excessive heat and UV rays coming from the sun.

This product is especially designed to go along perfectly with gazebos, over the deck, against the wall, and many others. It is designed with a dual gas spring set to help you with lifting the cover every time you want to use the hot tub.

It is designed with a powder coating finish along with stainless steel hardware to ensure that the product lasts a long time of use and is tough against wear and tear.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a 5-year warranty which provides more than enough years of enjoying the product without having to worry about getting it replaced in case it gets damaged.


  • Compact packaging
  • Excellent locking system
  • Easy to install


  • Gas shocks
  • A lot more expensive than other alternatives

5. The Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover

This hot tub cover from The Cover Guy is a popular choice because it perfectly provides protection to your hot tub from any kind of weather under and season. If you’re tired of always replacing your heavy as well as always waterlogged spa covers then you should shift to this alternative.

It is a common choice by many hot tub owners because it is lightweight and can withstand heavy loads – even during winters. It protects your hot tub from heavy rains as well as from the harmful rays coming from the sun.

Also, it bears a brand name that has been trusted for more than 30 years for bringing durable equipment and tools out to the market.

It is designed with dynamic insulation as well as safety features to keep children always in check.

If you want an affordable hot tub cover with all the modern features then you may want to look into checking out this option. Lastly, it comes with a 7-year warranty which ensures that you are getting your money’s worth.


  • Very lightweight and easy to manage
  • Affordable compared to other covers made with the same material
  • Resistant to chemicals


  • Installation can be quite daunting
  • Wears out easily without constant maintenance


a pool cover

When you’ve read all the details mentioned above, you will understand that the cheaper option, as well as the expensive one, is not always the best option. You’ll have to consider the features, your budget, and some other considerations before choosing the ideal cover that is best for you.

As a personal recommendation, if you’re looking for a more ‘standard’ cover, you can go with the last option – the BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover.

This is a good choice of cover because it comes with a wide range of better features that are not present among other conventional covers. Also, it carries a brand name that is popular and easy to find in the market. This popularity gives you an advantage when trying to look for product parts since they are easy to find.

Did you like our list of top 5 hot tub covers or got any more options to share? If you do, please leave us a message in our comment box below. We’d be delighted to hear about it.

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