Best Shovel For Digging

When it comes to gardening, landscaping, or maintaining a lawn, the one tool that is always used is the shovel. These tools are very effective in moving pretty much anything. In addition, shovels are used in many other tasks aside from moving such as digging, transplanting seeds, raking, cutting, and many others.

Knowing the importance of a shovel in a garden, we’ve come up with the best shovel for digging which you can choose from. These choices are carefully handpicked according to reviews and rankings from popular eCommerce websites and online stores.

Different Types Of Shovel Blades

Shovels today are classified into different shovel blades. If you’re trying to know more about shovels then it is important that you understand your blade choices. They are as follows:

1. The Open Back Shovel Blade


The open back shovel blade is a popular choice because it comes cheap since it is made from thin stamped steel and also very light compared to other shovel blades. The open back shovel blade is a classic type of shovel blade which comes in various shapes such as square point and round point blades.

2. The Closed Back Shovel Blade


Closed back shovel blades are a lot more durable than the open back shovel blade seeing that it is designed with added plate on its back. The flat extra welded plate on its back adds more weight to the shovel but definitely adds more durability and power.

3. The Forged Shovel Blade

a shovel

Considered the best choice among the three types of blades, the forged shovel blade as its name suggests is made from thick forged steel which provides optimum durability. This contemporary shovel is designed with the shovels’ stress areas in mind. It comes with various thicknesses from the sides of the blade down to its point or tip.

Of course, since these blades are designed thicker and sometimes even designed to be rustproof, it is the most expensive choice among the three.

Pointers For Choosing The Best Shovel For Digging

Prior to getting yourself the best shovel for digging, it is important that you know what features you are looking for in your shovel. With these few pointers, you can easily make a decision on which shovel is right for you.

1. Length

a shovel on farm

The length of the shovel is probably the most important thing that you need to consider on the lookout for your best shovel for digging. In order to determine the length of your shovel, simply think of the task where you’ll be using the shovel.

If you’re trying to dig deep holes on the ground or are trying to move large volumes of materials then a lengthy shovel will be your best option. Choosing the long-handled shovel for tasks such as these can make the task be done quicker as well as can lessen stress. In addition, a long-handled shovel can help you move materials to a further distance.

Short handled shovels on the other hand are best for little jobs such as filling a pot with soil, scooping stones, and many other simple tasks.

2. Handle

shovel in construction site

Currently, there are two types of shovel handle designs in the market – the ‘D’ and ‘T’ grip. Usually, there is not much difference between these two handles and it depends solely on how the user holds or handles the shovel. Say, if you’re used to holding the shovel horizontally or parallel with the shovel’s neck then the ‘T’ handle would probably be your best choice.

On the other hand, the ‘D’ handle design is for those who are used to holding the shovel handle perpendicularly. Whichever you choose, be sure to always try it out if it fits your hand perfectly.

3. Material Of The Handle

shoveling a tree

There are various handle materials available for shovels. Most ‘T’ handle designs are made out of wood while most ‘D’ handle design shovels are made of steel or metal. Now in considering the composition of the shovel, you should consider the weight of the shovel.

Steel or metal handles will tend to make the shovel heavier and thus can increase drag when using the tool, whereas the wooden handle will provide a lighter load, but it may not be as rigid as the shovel with a metal handle.

4. Shovel Size

Shovels also come in various sizes. One thing that could influence the choice of size for the shovel is the user’s height. If a tall user uses a short-sized shovel, he’ll be having a hard time digging seeing as he’ll be constantly bending to compensate for the shortness of the shovel. So when it comes to the size of a shovel, simply think that small is for small and big is for big.

Top 5 Best Shovels For Digging

Now that we’ve discussed the important things one needs to know about shovels as well as the important pointers prior to choosing the best shovel, let’s check out our available options for the best shovels for digging. As mentioned before, the list provided below will be based on reviews and rankings from popular eCommerce websites and online stores. Enjoy!

1. Bully Tools Gauge Round Point Shovel

Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle

The Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle is a good choice of shovel used for digging when considering price and usability. It makes use of a closed back design for its blade, with a flat welded plate on its back for added strength and durability when digging.

This shovel is equipped with wood reinforced 3-layer fiberglass wall of 48.5 inches in length and 9.26 to 11 inches in diameter. Weighing only 4.7 lbs, the Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle, its extended length and l-beam support make it impossible for this shovel to break even under great pressure.

Lastly, the best thing about the Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle is that it is much cheaper than its competitors, having almost half of their price.


  • This particular shovel is offered with a lifetime warranty that is limited
  • A lot lighter and stronger than other shovels with fiberglass handles
  • Amazing durability from steel blade having closed-back design is a big edge among other shovels


  • The fiberglass handle of the shovel makes well for a light shovel, however, makes it less durable than handles made from steel or metal

2. Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel

Fiskars 96685935J Shovel, Black

When it comes to digging, the Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel (9668) definitely belongs to the top list of best shovels. This is because of its excellent rating in being one of the few shovels that can withstand and are effective at digging in tough and hard soils. It comes with an ergonomic grip and a perfectly welded blade and handles for optimum durability for a long period of use.

This shovel is also designed to relieve back pains as well as injuries to the body through its long handle. In short, the Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel (9668) is an excellent choice to handle digging jobs on tough soil without having to worry about back pains.


  • The lengthy handle reduces back pains and is perfect for transferring materials at a further distance
  • A durable steel shaft is perfect for digging in hard or tough soil


  • The added length for this shovel makes it heavier than other choices
  • A lengthy handle is not suitable for short users
  • Blade tip does not last very long when constantly used for digging in hard soil

3. Bond Mini D Handle Shovel

The Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is all about the small, lightweight, and handy choice of shovel for digging. A popular short handled shovel, the Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is perfect for light-duty tasks in the field or in the garden due to its smaller size compared to the regular size of a shovel.

The Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is ideal for those looking to deliver big output from small tasks to finish fast. It is designed to be rust proof and is easy to store in any place.


  • Since it is smaller and more compact than other shovels used for digging, it is easier to store and carry anywhere
  • Comfortable grip and easy to use and designed durable with corrosion proof blade


  • For a short-sized shovel, it is a bit pricey
  • Short handle may not be suitable for all users especially those with bigger hands
  • Although durable, it is not suitable for tough jobs due to size and is not a good choice for digging in hard soils

4. Truper Tru Pro Round Point Shovel

Truper 31198 Tru Pro Round Point Shovel, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 48-Inch

The Truper 31198 Tru Pro Round Point Shovel, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 48-Inch is a shovel that is all about sturdy construction and is best for tough jobs. Designed to take in a total pressure of 400 lbs, the Truper Round Point Shovel is a popular choice in terms of power and durability.

The Truper 31198 Tru Pro Round Point Shovel is equipped with a 3 feet length to handle constructed from high grade fiberglass and paired with a 10 inches cushioned grip handle. Extra strength is provided in every shove, dig and drive through the reinforced resin rod located at the base of its handle.

This is made from durable 14-gauge steel to easily carry out tough jobs with only a total weight of 4 lbs.


  • Composed of the best features at an affordable price
  • 14-gauge steel blade lasts a long time
  • Handle composition and resin rod does a great job in handling heavy pressure


  • The cushioned grip may be susceptible to breaking when used continuously under heavy pressure

5. Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel

Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600

The Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 is a popular choice of shovel used for digging because it is designed to withstand tough jobs such as construction and heavy-duty engineering tasks. Seeing that it performs well in these areas, it is a common favorite for landscapers and professionals as well as average gardeners.

The Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 has a 9-inch wide blade made with durable 14-gauge steel that is coated for rustproofing. A rare breed of the shovel as it is designed with spring steel which compresses to adapt to various pressure which in turn lessens the chances of breakage.

The Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel has a 4 feet handle length and is constructed from durable and very light fiberglass. The fiberglass composition enables added strength and at the same time reduces the stress where the blade connects to the handle of the shovel. Fairly light with 5.3 lb as total weight, it brings about the optimum digging tool for an affordable price.


  • Innovative spring steel blade reduces chances of breakage and durable material resists being broken or damaged even from regular use
  • Available in various head styles which is perfect for specific tasks with a sharp blade for accurate digging


  • A bit pricier than other shovel options
  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide a warranty


As a personal recommendation, I would go with Bully Tools. Why? Simply because it has an excellent design, functionality, and construction. In addition, it performs well just like other brands however it costs a lot cheaper. It is also proven durable and can guarantee a long time of service.

So what do you think about the Bully Tools? Do you think it deserves to be the best choice among the 5 options on the list? Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about it in our message box below.

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