Top 5 Best Sugar Glider Wheel Reviews

Did you get a sugar glider for yourself? Or do you need to replace your pet’s old wheel because it has been making too much noise lately? Well, in any case, what you need right now is a new wheel that your pet can exercise in without any hassle. But surely you wouldn’t want to buy just any wheel for your pet. You would wish the best sugar glider wheel for it. And that is exactly what we will help you find in this article.

We have handpicked the top five wheels for you and answered some of the most frequently asked questions, which will make the process of finding a suitable one much easier for you.

#List of the Best Sugar Glider Wheel –Editor’s Pick:

5 Best Sugar Glider Wheel Reviews

Have you been searching for an excellent sugar glider wheel for a while now but haven’t found a suitable one yet? Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore because you will find an apt one soon if you go through our top five picks!

1. Silent Runner 9″ – Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment

Silent Runner 9' | Wheel + Cage Attachment | Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice

Are you looking for a sugar glider wheel that will provide comfort as well as durability? In that case, you have come across the perfect product for yourself. It includes other amazing facilities that you will find out about in our review.

First of all, this tool offers safety like no other. It comes with an axle-free design, which eliminates the risky center bar present in other such wheels. This aspect reduces injuries, such as curvature of the spine, tail entanglement, etc.

It can be quite irritating when wheels produce noise due to the movement of animals. But that’s not an issue you will have to face with this product, thanks to its dual stainless steel ball-bearings, which are at the backplate of the wheel and create a silent spin.

On the other hand, the product package includes cage attachment washers, a wheel, and a stand, all of which will let you set the tool up without any hassle. With the ease of assembly, you won’t be needing extra help.

What makes the product even better is that it is suitable for various animals, making it rather diverse. You will be able to use it for your sugar glider as well as hamsters and mice.

However, the wingnuts may come loose after some use, which can be quite dangerous for the animals running inside them. Moreover, if small animals of average weight run inside it, it becomes quite loud, which can be unpleasant.


  • Provides comfort as well as durability
  • It comes with an axle-free design that reduces injury
  • Eliminates noise by dual stainless steel ball-bearings
  • Ease of installation with all the hardware included
  • It can be used by various animals


  • The wing nuts may come loose after some time of use
  • More weight can result in the tool being loud

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2. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior Plus Nail-O-Matic™

Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior Plus Nail-O-Matic™ Insert & Tail Shield

If you are going to invest in a sugar glider wheel, you should ensure that it provides excellent value for money. While most of them don’t offer this facility, this one does, making it one of the most popular choices out there.

You won’t have to worry about replacing the tool anytime soon because the wheel provides both durability and sturdiness. No matter how long your pet uses it each day, you can expect the product to go on for a long time instead of falling apart.

The wheel can be 12-inches tall with its stand and is 11-inches in diameter. The size of the tool makes it ideal for small animals, so they can enjoy running in it, but it is spacious enough for them not to feel too suffocated.

Other than that, the wheel includes a tail shield along with a nail trimmer. It also contains a paw pad protection with a raised grid. These aspects ensure the safety of the animals running in it, so you won’t have to worry about your pets getting injured.

Along with exercising on the running wheel, your pet will also have their nails cut, thanks to the nail trimmer. Hence, you won’t have to take the hassle of doing this task separately because the product already takes care of that.

But you should be careful when leaving your sugar glider in it, as running for prolonged periods can cause them to suffer from injuries. On the other hand, you will have difficulty assembling it, so you may require professional help.


  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Offers sturdiness and durability
  • It stands 12-inch tall withstand and is 11-inches in diameter
  • Includes a tail shield, nail trimmer, and paw pad protection with raised grid
  • A nail trimmer cuts nails while animals exercise


  • Animals can suffer from injuries if used for prolonged periods
  • Difficult assembly process

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3. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield – 11″

Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield - 11' Running Wheel for Small Pets

The noise that sugar glider wheels generally make can be very irritating. However, this product has been designed so that you won’t have to face excessive noise pollution when your pet is busy with their running exercises.

You won’t have to worry at all about whether or not this product would be suitable for your pet. It comes with a diameter of 11-inches and stands about 12-inches tall with its stand, which makes it ideal for your sugar glider.

On the other hand, the tool comes with a closed wheel design, which is preferred by most small animals. This aspect will prevent them from falling off the wheel when they are in the middle of their exercise, so you won’t have to worry about any such incidents.

The product also includes a wall-to-wall tail shield, which makes the tool even safer for your pets. Hence, you won’t have to constantly whether or not your pets have suffered from injuries because the wheel takes care of it.

More importantly, you won’t have to worry about replacing the wheel anytime soon because it guarantees durability like no other. It has been made with sturdy materials, which ensures a long-lasting construction.

The wheel may easily get stuck on the bedding, making it difficult for animals to run in it. Moreover, the metal bar in the middle can cause sugar gliders to get stuck, so you must be cautious about that.


  • Designed to reduce noise when being used
  • It comes with a diameter of 11-inches and stands 12-inches tall with its stand
  • It contains a closed wheel design
  • Includes a wall-to-wall tail shield for safety
  • It comes with sturdy construction for longevity


  • The wheels get stuck on the bedding
  • Sugar gliders may get stuck on the metal bar

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4. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Glow Wheel – 12″

Silent Runner Glow Wheel - 12' Regular - Silent, Fast, Durable Exercise Wheel - Sugar Gliders, Hamsters, Female Rats, Mice & Small Pets

Requiring extra help to assemble a sugar glider wheel can be quite hassle-some. That is why this product comes with a cage attachment, wheel, and stand, which is all the hardware you need for installation, making the process much easier.

But along with ease of assembly, the disassembling of the wheel is quite simple as well. The benefit of this aspect is that you will be able to clean every nook and corner of the product without any trouble, keeping it spotless for your pet.

Other than that, your sugar glider baby will remain safe on the wheel as well, thanks to its axle-free design. This feature eliminates the need for a center bar, which reduces the risk of injuries and tail entanglement, providing secure running sessions.

More importantly, you won’t have to be disturbed each time your pet is running on the wheel because it comes with dual stainless steel ball bearings, which are at the backplate of the product. This aspect helps create a silent spin, which reduces sound pollution.

But the wheel is not suitable for sugar gliders only; you can also use it for other similar small animals if you have multiple small pets, that is. For instance, hamsters and mice can run around on the wheel as well.

Sadly, the wheel is very flimsy, so you will have to make sure it doesn’t fall apart now and then. On the other hand, it is not suitable for too small animals- they might find it challenging to run in it.


  • The effortless installation process with all hardware included
  • The disassembling wheel makes deep cleaning convenient
  • It comes with an axle-free design
  • Dual stainless steel ball bearings provide silent running sessions
  • It can be used by multiple animals


  • The wheel is too flimsy
  • Not suitable for animals that are too small

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5. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12″ Regular | Wheel + Cage Attachment

Silent Runner 12' Regular | Wheel + Cage Attachment | Sugar Gliders, Hamsters, Rats

Are you looking for a wheel that provides a safe running surface that will protect the paws of your pet? Well, with the non-slip surface of this product, you will be getting exactly that facility, along with a lot more that will make it your favorite in no time.

First of all, this product includes a cage attachment that can be effortlessly mounted on the wheel. Hence, you won’t have to spend extra to purchase necessary hardware and won’t need to put much effort into it either.

When it comes to safety, this wheel will surely exceed your expectations. It has been constructed without a center axle that prevents animals from getting injured or their fur/tail from getting entangled. The front plate also ensures extra security.

On the other hand, the wheel will be fully silent when rolling, thanks to the dual stainless steel ball-bearing technology. As a result, you won’t be disturbed by the sound of your pets running on the wheel.

The 9-inch wheel is suitable for multiple small animals. For instance, mice, gerbils, and hamsters can run in it alongside sugar gliders as well. Therefore, you won’t have to purchase separate wheels if you have multiple pets.

But the product does not include a stand, so you will have to purchase one separately, or you won’t be able to use it. Moreover, the wheel is difficult to clean and requires a lot of time, which can be quite inconvenient for the users.


  • It comes with a non-slip running surface for safety
  • Includes a cage attachment that can be mounted easily
  • Constructed without a center axle to prevent injuries
  • Remains entirely silent when rolling
  • Suitable for multiple small animals


  • It does not include a stand
  • Difficult to clean

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Sugar Glider Wheel

Q: Is it necessary for sugar gliders to have a wheel?

Answer: Yes, they should always have a wheel in their cage because they mainly need this for exercise. However, refrain from getting pet store wheels for them and get a fast track wheel instead.

Q: Should a sugar glider wheel contain a nail trimmer?

Answer: Such a tool doesn’t need to contain a nail trimmer, but it would indeed prove to be beneficial as you wouldn’t have to trim the nails of your sugar glider yourself.

Q: How do I know the sugar glider wheel is safe for the pet?

Answer: One of the easiest ways to find out whether or not the wheel is safe is to check if it has a center axle. This part often causes injuries, and it would be safe for your pets if the tool did not include the center axle.

Q: How much do sugar glider wheels cost?

Answer: They are available at various price ranges. However, you can find a great one within 20-30 dollars. The price can go higher or lower depending on the brand and product itself.

Q: How big does a sugar glider wheel need to be?

Answer: Normally, it would be ideal for the wheel to have a 9-11 inches diameter while standing about 10-12 inches tall. But it wouldn’t be an issue if the wheel is a little more giant.

Final Words

Buying an average wheel for your sugar glider will not do it any justice, which is why you need to put some effort into getting one that your pet will enjoy exercising in.

We know that the task can seem to be quite tiresome if you put too much effort into it, but we can assure you that finding the best sugar glider wheel will be worth it.

So, don’t give up until you find one that will make your pet happy and keep them healthy.

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