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If you own a lawn or a garden then you most definitely have the need to maintain it. Having a string trimmer with a decent trimmer line is a great thing with regard to lawn and garden maintenance for it makes the job easy and gets it done right away!

String trimmers however come in various trimmer lines and choosing trimmer lines may not be an easy task. This write up will discuss all there is you need to know about trimmer lines as well as your best options available in the market today.

Top 3 Picks: Best Trimmer Line

Different Trimmer Line Styles

Trimmer lines are also made available in various styles which function on specific use. Here are a few of the general trimmer line styles which you need to take note of.

1. Round Trimmer Line Style

trimmer line

The round trimmer line is best for trimming weeds off from around residential yards and gardens. Also if you’re dealing with only a few numbers of weeds in your garden or lawn then the Round trimmer line is high recommended.

This is a standard style of trimmer line which is a common favorite of garden and lawn owners because of its durability. The Round trimmer line style is also easy to find in hardware stores so replacing it is not much of a challenge.

2. The Twisted Trimmer Line style

a weed eater

Also for trimming those annoying thick weeds, the twisted trimmer line style can also be an excellent choice. This style can be seen as an upgraded version of the round trimmer line style.

The only difference is that this particular style is a lot more durable even after hitting rocks, curbs, or other hard objects while at work. It is designed to reduce noise when trimming and creates an even and clean cut on the grass.

3. The Multi-sided Trimmer Line Style

weed eater in action

The multi-sided trimmer line style is best for handling thick and annoying weeds on larger areas of yards or gardens. Furthermore it is sturdy enough to handle thicker and harder weeds on the ground. In addition, the multi-sided trimmer line style makes use of multiple sides which delivers a neat cut on every operation.

This specific style delivers quick and easy cut due to its multiple number of sides. This line style comes available in various shapes such as square, pentagon and even the shape of a star. The only problem with its multiple numbers of sides is that it tends to break easily when it comes in contact with hard objects such as stones, curbs, fences and others.

4. The Serrated Trimmer Line Style

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The Serrated Trimmer line style is the style to choose whenever dealing with a massive volume of weeds in a garden or lawn. If you’re looking to cut down weeds in a large garden whether they’re individually thick or thin but in great volume then the serrated trimmer line style is the style to look for.

Designed to have edges that are as sharp as a regular knife, this style makes cutting grasses and weeds like cutting butter. If you’re looking to deal with the toughest trimming jobs and are willing to spend a bit more for a quality trimmer line then look up options with this particular line style.

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Trimmer Line Installation Methods

One important thing to bear in mind when choosing the best trimmer line that best suits your needs is to know whether it matches your specific trimmer. One way to check whether it matches your trimmer is to look it up in the equipment’s recommended parts or under the user manual.

As soon as you have an idea of its compatibility, you can now proceed to its installation. And in this regard, there are a few methods to bear in mind. They are as follows:

1. Pre-Cut Trimmer Line Installation

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Pre-cut Trimmer Line installation is designed for individual lengths of line in the trimmer. This contradicts the usual installation wherein the line is spooled around the head of the trimmer. One benefit of doing so is for easy access when changing the line.

2. Spooled Trimmer Line Installation

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A conventional type of line installation, the spooled trimmer line installation, wraps the line around the head of the trimmer. Old designs usually take a lot longer to install specially for those without good knowledge about this system. However later models are designed to be reloaded quicker and a lot easier.

3. Spool Trimmer Line Installation

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The spool trimmer line installation is the automated type of installation. It is easy to install and fast reloading.

Knowing Your Best Trimmer Line Options In The Market Today

1. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold (WLM-H65) Commercial Grade String Trimmer Line.065-Inch x 220-Foot Universal Fit.065 inch

The Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line is for those people looking to have their trimmer lines to last longer and finish more tasks in every use. The Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line is considered as a universal line because it fits almost all gas and electric powered string trimmers available in the market today.

The Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line readily comes available with 220 ft of .065 inches thick commercial trimmer line having style of 6-line point star line. With this kind of line style, it can cut multiple times more area compared to the conventional line options.

Also, with a lot of line in a spool makes a lot more mowing!


  • Lesser-sized diameter makes a perfect choice when looking to make light grass or weed trimming
  • Sharp and accurate 6-point start line style and affordable for a lot of line in a single spool
  • Multi-sided line works best in thicker grasses and weeds


  • Not effective for heavy trimming jobs
  • Line easily breaks or runs out when touching hard objects such as concrete, curbs, fences, etc.

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2. Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line

Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 .155' x315' Commercial Line Red

The Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line is another ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of line. Fits most high wheel trimmers in the market today and features 6-blade nylon line, the Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line is considered a ‘good buy’ because of its durability and extra added strength.

Considering that its line with diameter .155 inches which is probably the biggest line diameter available in the market, it can eat anything in its path without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, the Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line is a bit noisy compared to other commercial trimmer lines with big diameters.

Recommended for tough trimming jobs and its durability ensures a longer shelf life – it’s certainly worth investing in.


  • Perfect for tough jobs and can cut through hard weeds, grasses and bushes
  • Trimmer line that is preferred by most landscaping and gardening professionals
  • Has a patented 6-bladed shape designed for efficient cutting or trimming


  • Need to wear ear protection due to noisy trimming
  • Messy trimming which requires cleaning every after trimming

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3. Oregon Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Square String Trimmer Line

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 685-Foot

The Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum line is one of the most preferred lines used in trimmers because of its highly-engineered characteristics incorporating optimum strength having weld-resistant external layer. Trimmer owners do not worry about its compatibility as it fits trimmer heads of any sizes and models.

The Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum is designed to live a long life with excellent strength and durability. It is designed with 0.095 inches diameter along with a 3lb spool with 685 feet of line. It has a tensile inner core which prevents welding when hitting hard objects such as rocks, curbs, concrete and others.

The Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum line also possess a durable blade material which makes it last longer than the ordinary trimmer line.


  • Features a 0.095 inches diameter which is recommended for heavy trimming jobs in the yard or garden
  • This line is compatible with almost all string trimmers in the market today and the square line style makes it tough against weeds of all sizes


  • The trimmer deck breaks easily when accidentally hit by line
  • Easily unbalanced after a few trimming sessions

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4. LoNoiz Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist Quiet Grass Trimmer Line

LoNoiz .130-Inch-by-150-Foot Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist Quiet 1-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Black LN130DLG-12

The LoNoiz .130-Inch-by-150-Foot Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist Quiet 1-Pound Grass Trimmer Line is another recommended trimmer line for those who want to deal with thick and stubborn weeds in the garden. Designed durable to last for a long time of use and with a good diameter size that is safe against the edges of the house, the LoNoiz Trimmer Line is a common choice for those careful garden and lawn owners.

It features a low-noise design and is also labeled as a do-it-all style of trimmer line. In addition, it has reduced vibration or shaking when in operation and its spiral shape makes it easy to cut saplings which may be a tough task for other trimmer lines.


  • Reduced noise makes it more convenient to use than others and works well with high wheel trimmer mowers
  • Construction material is durable and built to last a long time and doesn’t harm house sides as well as wooden decks


  • Thick line which can be a challenge to install
  • Less clean than lines with small diameter

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5. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Husqvarna string trimmer line .095-Inch 840ft spool Titanium Force High efficiency Long life Faster acceleration

The Husqvarna 639005106 Titanium Force String Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 3-Pound Spool is an excellent trimmer line option for clearing away weed and grass off a garden or lawn in no time. This particular trimmer line features a 0.095 inch diameter that delivers fast and balanced trimming without using much fuel.

Designed with noise-reduction features and the ability to cleanly cut without losing too much line, the Husqvarna 639005106 Titanium Force String Trimmer Line is comfortable to use as well as efficient for every trimming task.

One good thing about this particular trimmer line despite the ‘bit expensive’ price is that it is amazingly durable and it doesn’t run out fast. Although it can fit all major brands of mowers and trimmers in the market, it is advised to check on manual prior to installing.


  • Can last a long time even when touching hard obstacles such as stones, concrete, fences, etc.
  • Have the option to cut weeds even down to its roots in the ground
  • Doesn’t wear right away


  • Not compatible with models with high torque
  • For light trimming purposes only and a bit expensive for the few amount of line available

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These trimmer line options are your best choices as per the trimmer line styles and installations that you have available however you can still choose any of them according to your preferences seeing as this particular list of choices are compatible with most trimmer equipment available in the market today.

Personally, though I would recommend the Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line as a better choice than the others mentioned. It has a thin line diameter with extra sharp 6-point star line style which is best for making clean cuts on grasses and weeds. Also, since it is lightweight it spins faster than other trimmer lines thus making accurate as well as quick trim.

If you think there is anything to add to the list of the best trimmer line for one’s needs please feel free to let us know through the comment box below.

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