Best Wheelbarrow For Concrete

Wheelbarrows are very important when it comes to transporting heavy materials and even rubbish from one area to another. Most homeowners use it to help them handle the weight of different items, especially during a construction. Most of the time, these tools are needed to carry sand and stone.

In some particular cases, wheelbarrows can also be used for concrete. When you need to put concrete in a specific part of your property but cannot mix it nearby, they will come to your rescue. To help you search for the best wheelbarrow for concrete, here are some of the products I recommend.

Top 3 Picks: Best Wheelbarrow For Concrete

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Using A Wheelbarrow For Concrete In My Property

I once needed this specific type of wheelbarrow simply because I could not mix concrete just anywhere. I had to mix concrete near the garage and then transported it to the back of my house for the repair. This meant I needed a tool that could help me to transport several pounds easily.

I had to find a wheelbarrow specifically for concrete since I did not want to damage the wheelbarrow I use for my garden. I also wanted a product that was durable, that was able to withstand the effects of concrete and of course, that was strong enough to carry the weight.

To Whom Do I Recommend The Products?

I recommend these products to those that need to mix and transport large amounts of concrete. It does not matter whether you are going to use it frequently or not for as long as several bags of concrete need to be mixed and transported in your area. I recommend it to those who want to avoid the mess.

But if you are only going to need small batches of concrete or if you can mix the concrete nearby, you shouldn’t use this product. These wheelbarrows can be quite costly and you might want to avoid having to deal with the storage of a product that is not necessary.

How Can I Choose The Right Wheelbarrow?

Most experts suggest that if you truly want to have the right wheelbarrow, you should look to how you are going to use it instead of just the material or design of the products. You need to have a wheelbarrow of the right size for easy transport and storage. It should also be sturdy enough.

You need to avoid taking into consideration its outward appearance especially when it comes to use for concrete. The wheelbarrow you are going to use needs to be strong enough for heavy duty use. It should also be of the right height so you can easily lift heavy loads without hurting your own back.

Other Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Wheelbarrow For Concrete

The Tires

When buying a wheelbarrow for mixing, transporting and pouring concrete, you need to look for a product that has reliable tires. The tires are very important especially when carrying heavy loads since it can either make your transport smooth or very rough. You can either have air-filled or no-flat tires.

The Materials Used For The Tray

The tray is where you are going to put your concrete and this part needs to be built for rough use. You can either choose a steel tray or a plastic tray. While both types are good for concrete, steel trays are durable but heavy. On the other hand, plastic trays are lighter, very easy to clean but they can crack.

The Wheelbarrow Handles

There are products that will allow you to change the handles if you want to. Some of these wheelbarrows have handles that are made from metal, wood or fiberglass. While a steel handle is good for carrying concrete, you should consider handles that have grips for your comfort and your safety.

The Size Of The Tray

Ideally, the wheelbarrow tray should be quite large so that you can easily carry several pounds of concrete and so that a shovel can easily fit. But you need to consider the fact that larger trays are also heavier. This can actually work against you in the long run especially if you are not very careful.

If you end up putting too much in the tray, you can actually damage the wheelbarrow or worse, you can hurt yourself instead. Most experts will only recommend that you buy a wheelbarrow that has the right tray size especially if you are working alone. One with a 6 cubic feet capacity is oftentimes good enough.

The Best Wheelbarrow For Concrete Reviews

1) The Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Jackson M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow, 6-Cubic Foot Capacity, Blue

What I like about this product is the fact that it is actually a contractor wheelbarrow. This product features front braces for support and stability and it also has heavy gauge seamless steel tray that will allow you to put or mix cement easily.

This product also features an H brace and steel cross strips and leg shoes that will help support the weight of the load. These features can also help you to easily transport heavy loads across rough terrain. It also has a 16 – inch tube tire that will allow you to make sharp turns and maneuver around obstacles.

It has a 6 cubic foot capacity which is large enough for most wheelbarrow tasks. It heavy duty steel tray will also make sure that you will not be able to easily damage it should you want to carry rough materials or use tools for mixing or getting cement inside the tray.


  • It has a large, heavy duty steel tray
  • It has an H brace and steel cross tips
  • It has a simple and easy to use design


  • There have been reports of defective products being shipped to clients
  • The handle is made of wood and is too rough
  • It only has 1 wheel

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2) The Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green

What I like about this product is that it has a no-frills design. It looks very practical and it is also built for practical use. It has 2 air – filled wheels that are large enough to help you maneuver and balance the wheelbarrow with ease. This makes it very easy to lift several pounds of concrete without much effort.

This product also has a cushion grip handle that allows you to hold the wheelbarrow securely. I like it because it makes it very easy to dump the contents or to push the product itself on different terrain. As for the tray, it has a 300 pound capacity and it is made from poly, making it rust proof and easy to clean.

I recommend this product to first time users simply because it is very easy to install and because it is a practical tool to have around the residence. The whole product only weighs 29 pounds, allowing you to make the most out of your strength since you can now allocate much of it for the concrete load.


  • It is very light
  • The tray is made from rust proof material
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It has a practical build and design
  • It has a tapered tray for easy concrete pouring


  • The tray is not elevated enough so you can dump all the load
  • Some parts were misaligned
  • Some people do not like its thin plastic tray

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3) WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart / Wheelbarrow

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart / Wheelbarrow / Dolly

Although this product is quite expensive, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a wheelbarrow that can provide you with a lot of high end features. This specific product offers a heavy duty build and design that will allow you to load concrete and other heavy materials.

It is quite unique since you can actually convert this wheelbarrow into a dolly as well as a pot mover. It has large, never flat wheels and it also features a patented design that will help adjust the center of gravity so you can easily lift and transport concrete and other heavy loads.

Since this product is specifically built for heavy duty use, it has an all steel construction. This will allow you to easily mix concrete or put a shovel and other masonry tools inside the tray without damaging it. This product is designed to easily deal with a 300 pound load.


  • All steel construction
  • It can be converted to other tools for lifting heavy loads
  • It has flat free tires and a patented design


  • It is quite expensive
  • The tray is too small
  • The height is too low

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4) The Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

Polar Trailer #8449 Cub Cart, 50' x 28' x 29' Hauling Cart

This product is one of the practical wheelbarrows that I want to recommend for people who are looking for the most value for their money. With its simple design, this wheelbarrow can actually carry as much as 400 pounds of weight and it can also contain as much as 7 cubic feet.

Although the tray is made from poly, I like the fact that it is designed for high impact use. This allows you to easily use the wheelbarrow for transporting concrete without having to worry about the damage that it might cause. This product is also designed to have optimum balance for easy hauling.

To help support the weight, it has 2 wide track rubber tires which are also designed to be rugged and to be big enough. It also has shielded ball bearings so that the wheels will not get easily stuck or damaged. I also like the fact that it is one of the lightest heavy duty wheelbarrow that you can buy for concrete.


  • It is light weight
  • It has a heavy duty build
  • The tray is made from high impact poly
  • It has a large tray that can carry up to 400 pounds


  • It does not have quality handles
  • The tires can easily go flat
  • Assembly can be a bit complicated

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5) The True Temper Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow R6STSP25

True Temper R6STSP25 Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Foot

Another product that I like a lot for its simplicity is the fact that it is designed to help you achieve the task. With this wheelbarrow, you will be able to carry concrete thanks to its steel tray. In addition, the tray is large enough to accommodate up to 6 cubic feet of space.

Instead of using wood, I specifically like the fact that this wheelbarrow uses steel handles with comfort grips at the ends. The steel handles gives me the confidence that the product can carry heavy loads without breaking and the comfort grips will help to minimize the fatigue that my hands will go through.

Although this product only has a single wheel, it is designed to have a lot of balance so you can easily maneuver it. It also has a never flat wheel so you can easily transport several hundred pounds of weight on rough terrain without having to deal with any problems.


  • It has a heavy duty steel tray
  • It has a never flat wheel
  • It can easily carry as much as 6 cubic feet
  • It has steel handles with comfort grips


  • Some buyers encountered assembly issues
  • Some buyers had problems with the parts that did not fit

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When it comes to searching for the best wheelbarrow for concrete you need to look into the overall design and build of the product. I would personally recommend the Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces because of its simplicity and durability.

I believe that this product is more than capable of helping you to transport concrete and with its steel tray, you can easily mix the concrete inside the wheelbarrow or use different masonry tools without damaging the tray. These features can help you work more efficiently.

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