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One of the most useful innovations of man is the generator. Since its dawn, the problem of power outages and shortages has become the past.

Through the years, the generator has constantly been improved and is now made even better with a wide array of features and benefits. Among those generators that are drawing attention in the market today is the tri-fuel generator. As the name suggests, it is flexible for all 3 fuel types.

Tri-fuel generators are an excellent thing to have at home during power outages, especially if you are still unsure about the fuel type that is available in your area.

With the increasing demand for these types of generators, it becomes more difficult to find one that suits your requirements because of the wide variety of choices that are available in the market.

To help you with that, we’ll share with you some of the considerations to make prior to getting the best tri-fuel generator that suits your needs and your budget. Also, we will share with you the top 5 tri-fuel generators that are available in the market today.

Things To Consider When Buying A Tri-Fuel Generator

Before you cash in on that tri-fuel generator that you’ve seen in the hardware store or on the Internet, make sure that it has all the features that you need and that it works perfectly for your specific requirements. To ensure that you’re making the right choice, bear in mind these considerations.

1. Fuel Capacity

generator in action

One of the important things to consider when you try looking for your ideal tri-fuel generator is its fuel capacity. In this regard, simply think that a bigger fuel capacity would mean more fuel to burn thus giving more power for longer hours of use.

Of course, while considering the fuel capacity, you also need to consider the specific tasks involved. Will you be providing power for a whole house filled with appliances and many electrical devices? Or will you just be providing power for a few devices for a short period of time?

2. Noise Reduction Capability

a generator

Generators are known to produce loud noise during operation which may not be very pleasing to the ears. As you find your ideal tri-fuel generator, make sure that it has noise reduction features and capabilities for comfort.

For you to monitor the noise that is being produced by your potential tri-fuel generator, make sure to check the decibel levels on the label. A good decibel level that you can have would range from 50-70 decibels (with 0 being absolutely no noise).

3. Fuel Efficiency

the generator

Of course, since the generator is powered by an engine, you would want one with fuel efficiency. In this regard, make sure that the engine is designed to make full use of the fuel without wasting an ounce. A good way to check out the fuel efficiency is the volume of emissions that is produced.

4. Customer Reviews

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It is also important to consider reviews from previous customers as this will help you determine the pros and cons of the specific tri-fuel generator. With the reviews, you can also find recommendations, suggestions or tips on how to make full use of the equipment.

5. Price

one generator

The same with almost anything that you buy in the market, you should always check the price. When it comes to generators, bigger would mean pricier. A good way for you to save on your money is to find only those features that you need out of your generator.

6. Maintenance And Services

gasoline generator

Since the generator is made up of components and an engine, it will require constant maintenance and upkeep. With regard to this, make sure your generator comes with maintenance features that can ensure a long life for your generator.

Also, not all people know their way around fixing their generators in case problems and issues are encountered. Make sure that your generator has a local service provider in your area for convenience and to avoid unnecessary expenses. The last thing you want is to ship your generator back for repairs and incur huge fees from the shipping.

Top 5 Tri-Fuel Generators

Despite giving the considerations when buying a tri-fuel generator, it is still difficult to find the best generator that suits your requirements because of the sheer number of your choices.

To help you get screen only the best, we’ve lined up the top 5 choices that you can find in the market. They are as follows.

1. Motorhead Generator

Motorhead Tri Fuel Generator Complete Package 25,000 Starting Watts 15,000 Running Watts

This tri-fuel generator from Motorhead is definitely an excellent choice the generator if you’re looking to provide backup power to the whole house for extended hours.

This product runs through a Honda gx630 OHV 23HP engine which is proven tough and reliable when it comes to performance. This generator is a bit pricier than others but it is definitely worth the money because of its powerful engine and the additional useful features that are added to it.

It is designed with an auto oil changer to make oil changing effortless and clean. It also comes with a battery as additional power and generators with only 6% harmonic distortion during operation. This product also comes available with a kit having 4 big-sized wheels for easy transport and a 13.5 tank capacity.

This product provides power through its wide array of outlets including a twist lock for 120V/240V over 30 amps and a pair of duplex GFCI 120V at 20 amps. In addition, it comes with a propane hose kit with a length of 10 feet for flexibility and better reach toward fuel lines.


  • With a powerful engine having 23HP
  • Long-lasting power and long running engine with 13.5 gal tank
  • Works with any kind of fuel
  • With 2 years of warranty
  • Ideal for providing power for the whole house


  • Not recommended for the more expensive types of devices and gadgets
  • Expensive

2. Honda Tri Fuel Generator

Honda Tri Fuel Generator Complete Package 8,500 Starting Watts 7,000 Running Watts

Honda is not only known for being a top producer of car engines but they are also known for its generator engines. The Honda tri-fuel generator provides you with the precise voltage control yield when you need it anytime and anywhere.

Its engine is designed with a 13-HP Honda engine that is paired with twist outlets for a flexible power supply. In addition, the engine is actually a gx390 OHV that comes with a recoil start for easy starts whenever using the equipment.

This product is designed to accommodate 8 gallons of either gas, propane, or diesel fuels. Compared to others, this generator runs quietly at only 75-decibel level – which is much quieter than the traditional generator which has about 100-150 dB levels.

It comes with an electric start system that allows for fast and easy starts. Also, the gas tank has a run time of 13 hours over 50% of its load. It features as well an auto voltage regulator to monitor the output.


  • With robust Honda engine
  • Good tank capacity
  • 8750 starting watts for Propane or Gasoline
  • 7000 starting watts for natural gas


  • Bulky exterior
  • Expensive

3. Sportsman GENTRI9K Portable Generator

Are you looking to provide backup power to the whole house? If you are, then the Sportsman GENTRI9K Portable Generator could just be your best choice yet. This portable generator generates as much as 9,000 watts and 7,200 for its starting watts.

With this much generated power, you can power up almost all appliances and devices at home. It is designed with an easy start feature for fast and effortless starts. Also, this tri-fuel generator makes use of a 420 cc OHV engine which tops almost all other generators that are available in the market with regard to power and efficiency.

This product provides power to almost all electric devices with its wide variety of outlets including a 12V DC outlet, 4 12V outlets and a 120V/240V outlet along with a 120V RV outlet. With its 15HP engine, it makes it powerful and at the same time flexible for any kind of use.

The Sportsman GENTRI9K Portable Generator also works on all 3 types of fuels namely gasoline, propane, and natural gas. Also, you can choose from 2 types of starts for convenience which includes electric start and recoil start.


  • Generates 9,000 watts and 7,200 for the starting watts
  • With a wide variety of outlets
  • Durable and powerful engine
  • 10 hours of running time
  • Electric and recoil start
  • With a year of warranty


  • Bulky size which may not fit tight spaces
  • Noisy
  • Expensive

4. CARB-Approved Generator Smart Generators

Another excellent choice of generator is the CARB-approved Generator Smart Generators if you want a generator with reduced emissions.

This is a secure power supply for the bigger power generation requirements such as powering up the whole house for the whole night. It is designed with a durable and powerful engine that can last for up to 12 hours over 50% for the full capacity of the 8-gallon tank.

It generates a good supply of power with its Honda GX390 OHV 13 HP engine having 15,000 watts for its starting watts and 8,400 watts for its running watts. It also provides flexibility which makes it compatible with 50amp and 30amp manual transfer switch.

Using LPG, it runs for as much as 20 hours per 50% load of a 40 lb fuel tank. As for natural gas requirements, it requires 140,000 BTU every hour. It also comes with a number of outlets which include 4 120V-20amp outlets and a 120V/240V 30 amp twist outlet.

This generator is also an excellent choice because it works quietly and weighs only 301 lbs which is much lighter than other tri-fuel generators that are available on the market today.


  • With a powerful Honda engine
  • Impressive tank capacity
  • With 15000 for its starting watts and 8400 for its running watts
  • Lightweight
  • Works quietly with only 75 dB
  • CARB Compliant


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

5. Smart Generators STF9375

Smart Generators STF9375 9,375 Starting Watts 7,500 Running Watts Tri Fuel Generator

The Smart Generators STF9375 is also another great option if you want a portable generator that can be used with natural gas, gasoline, and propane types fuel.

While this generator is designed to supply almost all kinds of electrical devices, it can also be used to supply power to the more sensitive devices such as phones, computers, laptops, and others.

It has 7500 watts for its running watts and 9,375 watts for its starting watts if LPG is used to power up the engine. In addition, it was designed with a number of outlets namely a 120V twist outlet with 20 amps and four 120V outlets having 20 amps.

It has a natural gas requirement of 120,000 BTU in an hour and also includes the manual transfer switch over 30 amps when natural gas is used and also 30 amps when propane or gasoline fuels are used.

This generator runs with a 13HP OHV engine from Honda which is more than enough power to keep the machine generating and running for long hours (13 hours with 50% load of the 8-gal tank).

The Smart Generator STF9375 is also a popular choice of generator because it has a low noise operation feature which only produces 75 dB of noise.


  • Durable and powerful Honda engine
  • With 8 gal tank
  • With 9375 for its Starting Watts and 7500 for its Running Watts using LPG or gasoline
  • With 7500 for its Starting Watts and 6000 for its Running Watts using natural gas
  • Much quieter than other generators with only 75 dB


  • Expensive
  • Replacement parts may not be readily available in local hardware stores

Wrapping It Up

In terms of power and reliability, all the options mentioned in this list are the best among the rest. As a personal recommendation, we would point out that the Motorhead Generator could be the most ideal on the list.

This is for the reason that it packs the most power in its engine thus providing better yield for longer hours of operation. Also, it designed with huge tank capacity for lesser refills.

So what do you think of our list of top 5 tri-fuel generators today? Got suggestions, questions, or comments? Do message us on our comment box below this article. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

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