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Tired of trying to glean information from super-specific reviews? Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re a lumberjack, then you probably already know what you need in a saw. If not, then a cavalcade of GreenWorks chainsaw specs and features probably won’t do you much good. Here’s a version that’s cut down to size.

Comparison Data

G-MAX 40-Volt 16-Inch Cordless Brushless ChainsawPrice: Ease of Use:Build Quality:Warranty: $249
Echo 58-Volt 16-Inch Cordless Brushless ChainsawPrice: Ease of Use:Build Quality:Warranty: $299
Kobalt 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 12-Inch Cordless Electric ChainsawPrice: Ease of Use:Build Quality:Warranty: $179

GreenWorks Chainsaw Specs and Features Review

There are plenty of guides out there to help you find the right chainsaw, but — unless you are a lumberjack — it is unlikely that the majority of the technical information in these exhaustive reviews is going to do much to help you make a decision. Power is good, but you’re probably also concerned with reliability and value.

greenworks chainsaw review

The purpose of this guide is to help you get to know a little bit about GreenWorks as a company, and then decide whether or not you’d like to choose something from its line of chainsaws for your home maintenance or light landscaping needs.

GreenWorks Tools

greenworks chainsaw review

GreenWorks focuses completely on tools with electronic power supplies. It offers a variety of landscaping equipment as well as other power tools. The company is about 10 years old, and it has grown quite a bit alongside advances in brushless motors and efficient rechargeable batteries. In fact, while gas and corded tools tend to remain the first choice of pros, battery-powered tools have become more efficient, faster charging and more powerful in recent years.

Brushless Motors

greenworks chainsaw review

You’ll see that GreenWorks is like many other companies in that it describes many of its power tools as having brushless motors, or simply as being brushless. This engineering-turned-marketing term basically means that the tool is going to outperform a brushed-motor option in several aspects:

  • Operating more quietly
  • Generating electricity more efficiently
  • Putting out less vibration during operation

As for the first advantage, you won’t have a lot of serenity while sawing through wood — but at least your chainsaw motor won’t contribute much to the din. The second two benefits are more practical: Increased efficiency allows you to get more work done on one battery, while vibration reduction prevents fatigue.

Company History

GreenWorks started in 2007. It is now distributed all across the country and is expanding into markets overseas. Even though it’s a young company, it obviously has a reputation to protect. You can find evidence of this in the relatively generous tool warranties that it offers on most of its products.

February 2018 Product Recall

One of the company’s factories made significant errors in the manufacturing of a category of 18-inch chainsaws that were sold around 2017. The defect could potentially make a few of the older models of high-powered saws unsafe. The official advice for those who own these chainsaws is to have them repaired professionally. You can find the repair kits for free on the GreenWorks website.

 Here are the model numbers that were recalled:

  • CS80L211
  • CS80L01
  • CS80L00
  • GCS80450
  • GCS80420
  • CS80L210

These are all 80-volt cordless electric chainsaws with 16- or 18-inch bars. You should make sure that you check the model number of any GreenWorks saw you buy to see if it shows up on this list. This is an especially relevant piece of advice if you’re planning on buying a used tool.

Types of Tools Offered by GreenWorks

greenworks chainsaw review

If you’re venturing out to start a logging company, GreenWorks probably isn’t the brand for you. Some of these chainsaws cut relatively slowly and don’t have a lot of stamina, according to pro reviewers. However, don’t let that scare you away if you want a cheap saw that will last a while and take care of most light jobs. The company offers a wide range of equipment that could help around your home. The tools are all electric and many are cordless. That means that they’re portable enough for yard work and construction all over your property, as well as at remote sites.

Handheld Landscaping Power Equipment

greenworks chainsaw review​​​

Landscaping work is the primary focus of GreenWorks, and it shows in the selection of tools. The company’s catalog has common shaping and cleanup tools, such as hedge trimmers, string trimmers and leaf blowers, as well as heavy cutting equipment, such as chainsaws and pole saws.

Rolling Landscaping Equipment

greenworks chainsaw review

Along with handheld tools, GreenWorks offers to push devices. They have mowers, snow blowers, and even cultivators. Combine this with the handheld line, and you could easily put together a full kit of tools to address all of your home’s landscaping needs. This approach could be great for you if you have a small- to medium-sized yard, but larger properties might require tools with a longer operating time or greater efficiency than GreenWorks tends to offer.

Other Types of Equipment

The final category offered by GreenWorks is washing tools. They have air compressors and pressure washers. They also offer common power tools, such as circular saws and drills.

greenworks chainsaw review​​​

Interchangeable Batteries

greenworks chainsaw review​​​

If you’re thinking of getting a GreenWorks chainsaw and also considering other tools, it makes sense to take a look at all the options. Some of the battery packs are interchangeable. That’s a big deal when the highest capacity can cost you almost $300. Of course, you don’t have to go with GreenWorks to take advantage of this tactic. Strategize your purchases and think about the way you’ll be using your tools, and you could save a lot of money on batteries if you stay loyal to a single brand.

Different Power Grades of GreenWorks Chainsaws

One of the most important things in determining the power of a cordless electric power tool is the voltage rating of the battery. It’s not the sole determiner of performance, but you can tell a lot by looking at the volts. It’s also essential to pay attention to this if you are planning to share batteries among different tools. A good shopping tip is to go directly to the GreenWorks website if you want to put together a set of tools. It organizes its catalog by voltage, and that makes it a lot easier to look at all of your options in one place.


greenworks chainsaw review​​​

This brand offers a compact and portable 24-volt chainsaw. It is a lightweight saw with an auto-oiler, 10-inch bar and tool-free tensioning. This could be a good option for trimming small branches and limbs.


greenworks chainsaw review​​​​​​​

The 40-volt category is the GreenWorks specialty. These tools are generally lightweight, yet powerful enough to handle most household tasks; hacking through treated lumber or cutting firewood should be no problem. You are probably not going to be felling large timber with a 40-volt cordless saw, but you could conceivably do some relatively heavy cutting.

Your main choice will be between a 12-inch, 14-inch or 16-inch bar. These would all be good options if you needed something to help you fell small trees, buck small logs or even do some light cleanup after storms. The relatively low engine power of most GreenWorks saws would probably struggle against big logs, medium trees or heavy fallen limbs. However, the 16-inch option does give you a little more versatility than many of the other chainsaws in this category.


greenworks chainsaw review​​​

GreenWorks offers a 16-inch, 60-volt cordless chainsaw. Unlike many of the low-power alternatives, you would require a tool to apply tension to the chain with this model. If you’re used to tensioning systems that do not require tools, it may take a little getting used to. However, this saw does have many of the features of the more user-friendly models.

For example, you would get an auto-oiler and an oil tank with a translucent viewing compartment. Overall, the high weight makes it a little more difficult to use than the other saws, but the brushless motor and cordless power supply make up for the heft by offering smooth operation and excellent mobility.


greenworks chainsaw review


As you might expect from the recent recall, GreenWorks seems to have rolled back on their 80-volt line of chainsaws. Since these tools have a potentially serious safety issue with their design, you probably do not want to include them in your landscaping arsenal. However, GreenWorks does offer many other 80-volt tools, and the company’s heavy-duty cordless pole saw is still available.

Buying GreenWorks Chainsaws

GreenWorks tools may not be the most efficient or the best performers in the price class. However, the brand is wildly successful. The reason for this is that they offer a range of convenient options at prices that you probably won’t mind paying. Add that to the general reliability of the tools they sell, and you have the recipe for the company’s success.

greenworks chainsaw review​​​

One more advantage is that the company has made it very easy for you to find and buy the equipment it sells, primarily by forming partnerships with almost every major hardware store and general retailer you could possibly think of. That makes it easier to put a collection together and deal with any problems you might have.

Price Range for Chainsaws

greenworks chainsaw review

The price range for GreenWorks chainsaws is relatively small. You will probably spend somewhere between $80 and $250. For $80, you could get a 40-volt saw without the charger or the battery, or else you could get the 24-volt, 10-inch package that includes the battery and charger. For $250, you could pick up the 16-inch, 60-volt cordless brushless chainsaw kit. With that in mind, the price is probably not going to be a huge factor in deciding which GreenWorks saw you choose; all of them are squarely in the low-budget category. There are cheaper options out there, but few have the warranty and features of these tools.

Where To Buy GreenWorks Products

You can find GreenWorks equipment at almost every leading hardware store, big box retailer or online market, including:

  • Amazon
  • The Home Depot
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Lowe’s
  • Northern Tool and Equipment
  • Target
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Do It Best
  • CPO
  • Menards
  • Walmart
  • The GreenWorks website

The company’s website is probably the best place to start your shopping. It has a clean interface, it’s easy to navigate and you can organize the tools by various categories, such as price, voltage and type of power supply. Additionally, if you head over to your local hardware store, you may not have the full selection that’s available at the official website. As always, and especially with a popular brand such as GreenWorks, make sure you shop around a little before you click that order button or swipe your card at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

GreenWorks might be a big, international company, but it’s far from the only player in the game. There are many other brands you might choose from, such as Stihl, Makita or Husqvarna. However, some of these organizations make tools with considerably more power than you’re probably going to end up needing around the yard.

greenworks chainsaw review

In terms of relatively inexpensive brands that offer good cordless equipment, GreenWorks tools have the features and specifications to fit in and compete, but not necessarily to excel. Comparable brands include DeWalt, EGO, Kobalt, Echo and Oregon. You can find detailed side-by-side performance reviews of these brands many places online, but you might find yourself drowning in the details.

With engine power, voltage, battery capacity and even engineering efficiency coming into play, there are plenty of specifications and features to pore over. As mentioned above, this review is just a general survey of one brand. Even so, it wouldn’t be complete without a brief look at the major competitors. Here are three alternatives: One of them is a GreenWorks saw, one is a lightweight option and one is a higher-powered performer that cuts through the competition.


The best way to choose a chainsaw is to think about what you want to do with it. If you’re starting a landscaping or tree-care business, then the lightweight saw might be your best bet for some convenient light trimming — leave the big jobs to a heavy-duty brand or a gas chainsaw. If you’re looking for something to handle tree debris and some light timber processing, then you could probably use something from the 40-volt category. The bottom line: if you go into your purchase expecting a low-cost piece of equipment with acceptable performance and decent reliability, then you won’t be disappointed with GreenWorks.

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